Our Story

Meet the Joyful Bliss Boutique Family

Our story begins when life took a turn and sickness came for a long extended stay. During that time, it was the acts of kindness and encouragement of others and especially the uplifting word of God which carried us through to our miracle healing. Over time, it is those same words of faith to which we have built the foundation of Joyful Bliss Boutique upon. When we choose items to showcase, we don't simply see a product with mere words, but we see people just like we were in that crucial moment who need a word to lift their spirits and bring them JOY even if just for a few tender moments. Everything at Joyful Bliss Boutique is brought to you with the intent to share JOY, faith, and build your hope in the Lord and also let you know no matter what happens, He is always with you and will never leave you alone.
Behind the scenes, at Joyful Bliss Boutique, you’ll find a family with a house full of girls. Each one bringing to the world their God-given talents and abilities to bless others with. From little entrepreneurs to photographer, designer, and artists. They fill our home with laughter, lots of noise, and joy. We are a normal bunch though and not every day is blissful as life with all of us together underneath one roof can from time-to-time become crazy and chaotic with the many directions of involvement that fills our days. However, with the Lord and the loving support of my husband, we keep our sanity.
At Joyful Bliss Boutique, we work together to bring our customers some joy and bliss from our shop to your home. Joyful Bliss Boutique is a family run business based out of the hills of Idaho. Faith-based products, pillows, stickers, and more are available. We hope to spread JOY and sprinkle faith into the lives of others. We believe all it takes is one uplifting word to brighten a day and it can turn someone's life around from darkness to light. The treasures you discover at Joyful will bring the light of JOY to your home and those you love. 
Friendly, positive, experienced person with a bubbly personality and is honest and kind in all her interactions with her customers. ~ Vickie C.
I love the tray and the sign I received! Great quality! All my family loves them! Will recommend them to everyone! ~ Mackenzie S.