A Heart At Rest

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A Heart at Rest


 “This is how we know that we belong to the truth and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence.” - I John 3:19


We set our hearts on a lot of things. Love, family, the future, friendships, money, cares about the world, trouble, etc. We take so many things into our hearts and they get troubled easily.

 How do we protect our hearts from hurt? Many things cause us to faint and not be at rest. Setting your heart on Him will put your life at rest. It will put your mind at rest. It will put your situations at rest. Why? Because He is truth and truth is where you belong. His presence alone brings you to a place of rest. So we can first repent for taking all the care upon our own selves and not relying upon Him.

 Trusting in the truth of God and nothing else brings you rest and peace. Knowing this one truth, that you belong to Him, will give you rest. Set your heart today. Set it for Him and rest in His presence. Trust He will take care of the circumstance which surround you and seek to hear His clear voice. If your heart has repented, he will often speak. It may be one word, or even a sentence of what he desires for you.

 Prayer for Today:

 Lord, I thank you for the ability to set my heart today on you and your truth. The lies of the enemy will not distract me. I will focus my heart on you and your presence. I know and trust you will take care of the circumstance, I just want to hear from you today. A word, a sentence, speak Lord, I'm listening. In Jesus' name. Amen.

💙 ~ Angela

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